Qube Outsource is a full service logistic company that provides customized solutions to help you outsource your business to Serbia, by creating your own business team. We offer unique and personalized solution for each of our clients, depending on the needs and size of their business. Outsourcing allows our clients to focus on their core business, while we provide a complete suite of solutions to support the management of the legal, administrative and recruitment process. At the same time, this kind of management helps our clients to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and take advantage of external expertise, assets and/or intellectual property.


Belgrade is the biggest job market in Serbia and whole region. Being the part of the fastest growing industry, it offers many opportunities for foreign investors and global companies – especially in the field of outsourcing businesses. Belgrade as a capital provides young people with good education, as well as exciting professional challenges in different sectors. It is a real jewel in fast growing East European market.


People Operation Services

  • Qube Outsource assists your recruitment strategies in competing for the best talents through our knowledge of the specifics of Belgrade’s labor market and our network in the field of human resources in Belgrade
  • We will pass on your employment request to our HR specialists and you will receive a list and availability of potential candidates within 48 h
  • We assist you in creating a job ad and develop your recruitment strategy
  • Qube Outsource maintain the whole recruitment and selection process
  • We consult and assist you in assessing trainings needed for your employees and monitor training program
  • Within the scope of our outsourcing solution we offer: team building events, educational meetups, workshops, business trips and more if necessary

Office space

  • We will provide office space and creative working environment, either in our studio or on other location, depending on the size of your team
  • In agreement with the client we will purchase needed software and hardware for the job required

Legal and bookkeeping service

  • We register employees on our own payroll, with purpose of carrying out certain segments of work from the client’s internal operations
  • Qube Outsource is in charge of administering the employees, while the clients themselves manage the work related activities